• Brand :Crossrock
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Fitted Instrument: Cello
  • Package Dimensions: 142x53x35cm; 56x21x14in
  • Shipping Weight:8.4kg(18.5lb)
  • Net Weight: 6.8kg(15lb)
  • Accessories:Keys; backpack; Removable padding strips
Cello Cases

Fiberglass Cello Case – 4/4 Full Size Cello



Fiberglass Cello Case 4/4 Full Size



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    A Closer Look at the Fiberglass Cello Case – 4/4 Full Size Cello


    Fiberglass Cello Case – 4/4 Full Size Cello

    • Materials – Fiberglass Shell

      All the Crossrock made fiberglass cases use 3 important materials: The fiber cloth which is the essential material; The strength strips for the sidewall, back shell, and top shell; The reinforcement strip for the parts that need special attention.

    • Neck Strap & Head Belt – Fiberglass Cello Case

      Adjustable neck strap with plastic easy buckle. The Head belt on the top secures the cello when it is withdrawn or put back into the standing case.

    • Molded Back Handle – Fiberglass Cello Case

      The molded handle on the top back offers a stable and easy carrying experience when using the case with wheels.

    • Inside – Fiberglass Cello Case

      Red velvet lining with thick foam padding. Half-suspension design. 2 removable padding strips for the body size adjustment.

    Fiberglass Cello Case – 4/4 Full Size Cello

    Crossrock Fiberglass Cello Case Fiberglass cello case with wheels and backpack. Fits 4/4 full-size cello.
    • Inside Dimensions
    • Overall Length(include endpin): 131.5 cm (51.8 in)
    • Body Length: 77.5 cm (30.5 in)
    • Upper Bout: 37.5 cm (14.8 in)
    • Lower Bout: 48.5 cm (19.1 in)
    • Waist: 36.5 cm (14.4 in)
    • Max Depth Include Bridge: 32.0 cm (12.6 in)
    • Body Depth: 23.0 cm (9.1 in)
    • Endpin: 6.0 cm (2.4 in)
    • Extremely strong fiberglass exterior with glossy printing surface.
    • Waterproof, flame-retardant and heat insulation.
    • Soft padding with velvet lining in semi-suspension design.
    • 2 bow holders.
    • 2 fasten straps for neck and head.
    • Crossrock designed sturdy leather handle.
    • Deluxe detachable backpack straps and reinforced lockable latches.
    • Multi-color options.

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