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Where do we come from-

Our parent company, Kingstar International, started in 1997 and quickly became a major OEM supplier to some of the world’s largest and most well-known musical instrument case and bag brands.

Working with leading product designers and international companies who demanded the best craftsmanship available, helped shape our company and our culture to being dedicated to quality and value.

Where are we going-

In 2007 we launched our first Crossrock branded product and in the last ten years, our brand has become one of the leaders in our industry with distribution in over 25 countries around the world.

Today Crossrock continues to expand its product offering and global reach with a focus on design and the use of modern innovative materials to offer musicians a perfect blend of protection, style, and value.

Why choose Crossrock-

  • 20 years of continuous R&D and manufacturing help us produce super-reliable products
  • In-house design, R&D and quality assurance management work together to meet the most demanding of manufacturing standards
  • Protecting your instrument is our DNA
  • Streamlined chain supply and economies of scale allow us to bring our products to the market at an incredible value
  • Huge selection of bags and cases for most stringed and fretted instruments, keyboards and brass and woodwinds
  • We understand that choice and taste is important to our customers. Crossrock strive to offer of our products in a choice of colors, designs, and materials