• Brand :Crossrock
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Fitted Instrument: Cello
  • Package Dimensions: 142x53x35cm; 56x21x14in
  • Shipping Weight:6.8kg(15lb)
  • Net Weight: 4.5kg (9.9lb)
  • Accessories:Keys; backpack; Removable padding strips
Cello Cases

CRF5030CEF Ultra-Light Fiberglass Cello Case – 4/4 Full Size Cello





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    CRF5030CEF Ultra-Light Fiberglass Cello Case – 4/4 Full Size Cello

    • Crosrock Hinges

      Crossrock branded heavy-duty alloy hinges with long-lasting quality and performance.

    • Neck Strap & Head Belt

      Double protection: The case comes with an adjustable neck strap on the neck supporter and an elastic strap on the top to fasten the head. Cello can be withdrawn and back in easily when the case is open and standing up.

    • Waterproof Seal

      The waterproof seal keep out the damp and stabilize air temp and humidity inside the case.

    • Intergared Wheels

      The integrated wheels help musicians roll and carry the case easily.

    CRF5030CEF Ultra-Light Fiberglass Cello Case – 4/4 Full Size Cello

    Crossrock Deluxe Fiberglass Cello Case Ultra-light Fiberglass cello case with wheels and backpack. Fits 4/4 full-size cello. Music sheet pouch and TSA lock.
    • Inside Dimensions
    • Overall Length(include endpin): 131.5 cm (51.8 in)
    • Body Length: 77.5 cm (30.5 in)
    • Upper Bout: 37.5 cm (14.8 in)
    • Lower Bout: 48.5 cm (19.1 in)
    • Waist: 36.5 cm (14.4 in)
    • Max Depth Include Bridge: 32.0 cm (12.6 in)
    • Body Depth: 23.0 cm (9.1 in)
    • Endpin: 6.0 cm (2.4 in)
    • The fiberglass hardshell is lighter and stronger with carbon fiber construction technology.
    • Level 4 fixation dyeing grey velvet lining protects the Nutri finishing of the high-end cellos.
    • 2 bow holders and a removable accessory small pocket on the head.
    • A large zippered music sheet pouch on the back.
    • Backpackable design with wheels.

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