• Brand :Crossrock
  • Material: Pure Carbon Fiber
  • Fitted Instrument: Cello 4/4 full size
  • Package Dimensions: 143x36x56cm; 57x22x15in
  • Shipping Weight:8.1kg(18lb)
  • Net Weight: 3.6kg(8lb)
  • Accessories:backpack straps
Cello Cases

CRF6000CEF Pure Carbon Fiber Cello Case, 4/4 Full Size





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    A Closer Look at the CRF6000CEF Pure Carbon Fiber Cello Case, 4/4 Full Size

    You know how heavy is your cello... Don`t add pounds to your instrument! Guess how light it can be?

    CRF6000CEF Pure Carbon Fiber Cello Case, 4/4 Full Size

    • Magic Pads-Air Carbon

      The Magic pads can be attached anywhere around the case to offer a better fits to various cello models.

    • Backpack & Musicsheet Pouch

      The professional backpack straps and zippered music sheet pouch make the musicians’ journey more convenient.

    • Password Lock – Air Carbon

      The metal combination lock with 3 digits provides secure protection for your valuable cello.

    • Carbon Fiber

      The entire Air Carbon series is crafted from 100% pure carbon fiber material with a strength reinforcement technology that makes the case both strong and lightweight.

    CRF6000CEF Pure Carbon Fiber Cello Case, 4/4 Full Size

    Air Carbon - Light like air, strong like steel.
    • Overall length:132 cm(52 in);
    • Upper bout:38 cm(15 in);
    • Waist:35 cm(13.8 in);
    • Lower bout:46 cm(18.1 in);
    • Body depth(include bridge):30.5 cm(12 in);
    • 8lb lightweight carbon fiber cello case for 4/4 full-size cello.
    • Full suspension design makes sure the instrument floats in the case.
    • Adjustable neck strap with leather protector makes sure the safety of the strings and neck.
    • The elastic head strap helps musicians withdraw the cello when the case is standing upright.
    • 2 bow holders and a small accessory pocket on the head.
    • Professional backpack straps and music sheet pouch on the back.

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