• Brand: Crossrock
  • Material: Poly Carbon
  • Instrument: Classical 4/4 size
  • Package Dimensions: 116cm x 49cm x 23cm (46" x 20" x 9")
  • Shipping Weight: 6kg (13.2lb)
  • Net weight: 3.6kg (8lb)
  • Accessories:
  • Keys x 2
  • Deluxe backpack straps x 2
  • Removable padding strips x 2

Poly Carbon Guitar Case Classical 4/4 Full Size



Classical Guitar Case Poly Carbon



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    A Closer Look at the Poly Carbon Guitar Case Classical 4/4 Full Size

    No need to worry about an accident like this if your guitar is in a Crossrock case.

    Poly Carbon Guitar Case Classical 4/4 Full Size

    • Guitar Flight Case

      Strong and protective. The unique designed flight case for classical guitar.

    • Protective

      The thick padding and soft plush lining keep your guitar away from accident damage.

    • TSA Lock

      The guitar flight case comes with a TSA lock and it makes the music journey much easier.

    • Backpack

      The padded backpack straps come with safety Carabiner clips. The 2 D-rings design offers better security to the backpack system

    Poly Carbon Guitar Case Classical 4/4 Full Size

    The case is made from high-density poly carbon which offers flight-case level protection to the guitar. The carbon wave anti-scratch surface gives the case better durability in daily usage.
    • Designed for 4/4 full size classical guitar.
    • Designed for classical 4/4 full size guitar.
    • Anti-scratch poly carbon exterior. Strong enough to be a flight case.
    • Thick Handmade padding with premium velvet lining.
    • Easy latches with TSA lock. Crossrock original designed handle.
    • Deluxe padded backpack straps. (Can hold 200lb pulling)

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