• Brand :Crossrock
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Fitted Instrument: violins
  • Package Dimensions: 88x40x22cm; 35x16x9in
  • Shipping Weight:5kg(11lb)
  • Net Weight: 3.5kg(7.7lb)
  • Accessories:Keys; Backpack; Removable blanket
Orchestra Strings Cases

Fiberglass Case for 2 Violins, Double Violin Case 4/4 Full Size – TSA Version



Double Violin Case, Deluxe Fiberglass



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    Fiberglass Case for 2 Violins, Double Violin Case 4/4 Full Size – TSA Version

    • TSA Lock – Double Case Small

      The double violin case comes with 2 alloy locks. One of them is a TSA lock.

    • Shoulder Rest – Double Case

      Only one shoulder rest can be stored in the case. It can be fastenated on the place by the Velcro system.

    • Blanket – Double Case

      We noticed the blanket might be slipped away when musicians are moving around with the case. The Velcro will help the blanket keep its way and offers better protection to the violins.

    • Red Lining & Hygrometer

      The hygrometer installed with the case helps musicians monitor the humidity much easier. Super soft red lining offers superb protection to violins.

    Fiberglass Case for 2 Violins, Double Violin Case 4/4 Full Size – TSA Version

    Upgraded from the old CRF1000/CRF1020 series. The CRF2020 deluxe fiberglass double violin case is also made from 100% pure fiberglass. The material of the lining is much softer than the old model. The heavy-duty alloy locks make the experience of closing and opening the case much easier and safer.
    • The Velcro of the blanket should be attached like in the picture. After attaching the Velcro well, turn the white side to cover the violins and leave the black side up forward.
    • Please make sure the bridge height (measured from the ground) of the violin on the right side is lower than 3.95" (10cm), or the second bow holder on the upper lid may hit the strings.
    FEATURES NOTIFICATION: We found the 2nd bow holder may hit the strings of some higher bridge violins or the electric violins. Therefore, please do not use the case for any violins that have a depth (at the bridge) of more than 3.95" (10cm).

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