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Single Debut – by Octávio Deluchi

August 4, 2023

Praised as one of the most active and brilliant soloists from his generation (Acervo Digital do Violão
Brasileiro) by the specialized press and one of the greatest talents of the Brazilian guitar today (O
Tempo), Octávio Deluchi had his solo debut at Carnegie Hall at the age of 24 and has more than
15 awards in national and international levels. He has collaborated with a wide variety of artists,
between performances, premieres, and commissions, such as Emmanuele Baldini, Tania Leon,
Sergio Assad, Vicente Paschoal, Rosana Diniz, Gabriele Leite, Eduardo Guterres, Guido Campos,
to name a few. An advocate for new music, Deluchi is fostering the collaboration between
performer and composer in order to create a new sonic identity for the classical guitar through
different strategies on and off the stage. He released his first single in 2023, a piece by João Luiz
premiered by Octávio in 2020, with more recordings scheduled featuring active and young
composers, Latin American music, and 19th-century repertoire. He tours frequently in Brazil and
in the United States, coordinates the guitar festival Mostra de Violão da Lira Ceciliana, and is a
guest soloist and resident professor at Festival de Música de Prados, one of the most traditional and
old music festivals in Brazil.

Prelúdio No. 4 – Single

Octávio Deluchi released his new single PRELÚDIO Nº 4, a piece written by João Luiz, one of the most prominent Brazilian guitarists of his generation. The piece was dedicated and commissioned by Louis O’Neill, and premiered by Deluchi in 2022. PRELÚDIO Nº 4 is a captivating and expressive work that showcases Deluchi’s virtuosity and musicality. The single is available on YouTube and other streaming platforms