• Brand :Crossrock
  • Material: Wood and PVC
  • Fitted Instrument: LesPaul guitar
  • Package Dimensions: 107x41x15cm; 43x17x6in
  • Shipping Weight:6kg(13.3lb)
  • Net Weight: 4kg(8.8lb)
  • Accessories:Keys; Removable padding stripx2
Electric - Lespaul & 335

Wooden Case, Les Paul Electric Guitar Case



LesPaul Guitar Case, Electric



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    A Closer Look at the Wooden Case, Les Paul Electric Guitar Case

    ►Fit most Les Paul Electric Guitars. ►Ultra-strong arched top design offers heavy duty protection than standard flat top cases. ►Upgraded deluxe gold latches, high quality PVC covered and hinges provides protection against the damages, dings, and bumps. ►Heavy duty 5-ply wood core structure provides strength and protection for your guitar, whether in transit or in storage.

    Wooden Case, Les Paul Electric Guitar Case

    • Wooden Case Shell – Structure – Shaped

      How did your case come out? Firstly, the workers make wooden shells and polish the surface to make sure the exterior PVC can be attached tightly.

    • Wooden Case Shell – Archtop

      The archtop design offers more space for the vulnerable bridge and ensures your guitar is much safer when you take it and walk out.

    • Wooden Case Shell – Coating

      The PVC material is strictly selected. It is durable and comes with suitable elastic. The cover will be tightly affixed on the wooden surface and the edge must be sewed on the shell.

    • Wooden Case Shell – Finished

      Shell has been finished now. Workers will move to the next step of making the inside. Deep plush lining and foam padding will be attached and hardware will be installed.

    Wooden Case, Les Paul Electric Guitar Case

    3 color options: Black case: blue plush inside and golden latches. Tweed case: scarlet plush inside and golden latches. Brown case: scarlet plush inside and bronze latches.
    • Inside Dimensions
    • Overall Length: 101 cm(39.76 in)
    • Body Length: 45 cm(17.7in)
    • Upper Bout: 24 cm(9.45 in)
    • Waist: 210 cm(8.27 in)
    • Lower Bout: 34 cm(13.4 in)
    • Effective body depth: 7.8 cm(3 in)
    • Max depth (with bridge):106mm (4.17")
    • Net Weight: 3.55kg (7.8lb)
    • Designed for Les Paul body type guitars.
    • Large lidded accessory compartment and as well as a padded neck rest to hold the guitar in place during travel. Comfortable handle, perfectly balancing the weight of your instrument.
    • Upgraded deluxe gold/bronze latches, high quality tweed PVC covering and hinges provides protection against the damages, dings, and bumps.
    • Scarlet red/blue plush inside lining with a thick, dense layer of foam padding make this les Paul guitar case the deluxe vintage look.

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