• Brand :Crossrock
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Fitted Instrument: 335 Style Electric Guitar
  • Package Dimensions: 121x49x23cm; 48x20x9in
  • Shipping Weight:6.8kg(15lb)
  • Net Weight: 5.5kg(12lb)
  • Accessories:Keys; padding strip; Backpack
Electric - Lespaul & 335

Fiberglass Electric Guitar Case, 335 Style, Fits Gibson ES335



335 Guitar Case, Fiberglass



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    A Closer Look at the Fiberglass Electric Guitar Case, 335 Style, Fits Gibson ES335

    Strong, lightweight, and stylish. Crossrock helps musicians protect their dreams.

    Fiberglass Electric Guitar Case, 335 Style, Fits Gibson ES335

    • Form the Shell – Fiberglass

      Epoxy combines all the 3 materials into the module. After a few days, the shell of the guitar case will come out.

    • Reinforce The Shell – Fiberglass

      The reinforce strips are always applied on the top shell which needs more strength to absorb the largest pressure and impact.

    • TSA Lock – Fiberglass Guitar Case

      The alloy TSA lock is much stronger than plastic. It survived the hammer test, drop test, and corruption test. The strength and durability are outstanding.

    • Backpackable – Fiberglass Guitar Case

      Deluxe thick padded backpack straps. Heavy-duty buckles and D-rings. Detachable design.

    Fiberglass Electric Guitar Case, 335 Style, Fits Gibson ES335

    Originally designed to fit most 335 style guitars, such as Gibson ES-335, Epiphone Casino, Ibanez AS73, and more. It features a 100% purity fiberglass exterior with a 400lb loading capacity, which can withstand impact and protect your guitar from scratches and dents.
    • Inside Dimensions
    • Overall Length: 108.5cm (42.7in);
    • Body length 51cm (20in);
    • Upper Bout 29.5cm (11.6in);
    • Waist 26cm (10.2in);
    • Lower Bout 42cm (16.5in);
    • Bridge Height 11cm (4.3in)
    • Fits arch-top semi-hollowbody guitars, especially for 335 style.
    • 100% purity fiberglass shell with water resistant PVC seal.
    • Thick padding with velvet lining.
    • Integrated with alloy TSA lock.
    • Genuine leather handle and heavy-duty hardware.
    • Detachable backpack straps.

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