• Brand: Crossrock
  • Material: Wood and PVC
  • Instrument: OM/000 14 frets guitar
  • Package Dimensions: 113cm x 47cm x 17cm (45" x 19" x 7")
  • Shipping Weight: 6kg (13.2lb)
  • Net weight: 5kg (11lb)
  • Accessories:
  • Keys x 1
  • Removable padding strip x 2

Wood Case, OM/000 14 Frets Guitar Case, Acoustic



OM/000 14 Frets Guitar Case, Wood Case



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    A Closer Look at the Wood Case, OM/000 14 Frets Guitar Case, Acoustic

    We don't have videos for OM/000 style guitar case yet. Please check the video of the LesPaul style to take a closer look at the case.

    Wood Case, OM/000 14 Frets Guitar Case, Acoustic

    • Manufacture Of The Wood Shells

      How did your case come out? Firstly, the workers make wooden shells and polish the surface to make sure the exterior PVC can be attached tightly.

    • About The Shell

      It is the most important part that makes sure the case can offer adequate protection to your guitar. The shell must be thick and dense. The archtop which is supposed to protect the bridge must be reinforced.

    • Coat The Shell

      The PVC material is strictly selected. It is durable and comes with suitable elastic. The cover will be tightly affixed on the wooden surface and the edge must be sewed on the shell.

    • Prepare For The Inside Making

      We use blue plush for the black case while scarlet red for the brown and tweed. There's a layer of soft foam between the plush and the shell.

    Wood Case, OM/000 14 Frets Guitar Case, Acoustic

    3 color options: Black case: blue plush inside and golden latches. Tweed case: scarlet plush inside and golden latches. Brown case: scarlet plush inside and bronze latches.
    • Inside Dimensions
    • Overall Length: 106 cm (41.75 in)
    • Body Length: 49.5 cm (19.5 in)
    • Upper Bout: 29.5 cm (11.61in)
    • Waist: 36 cm (10.65 in)
    • Lower Bout: 39 cm (15.35 in)
    • Body Depth: 12.5 cm (4.92 in)
    • Designed for Martin 14 frets OM/000 style acoustic guitar with 15" lower bout.
    • Reinforced arched top design offers heavy duty protection than standard flat top cases.
    • Upgraded deluxe gold/bronze latches, high quality and waterproofed PVC covered and hinges provides protection against the damages, dings, and bumps.
    • Heavy duty 5-ply wood core structure provides strength and protection for your guitar, whether in transit or in storage.

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