• Brand: Crossrock
  • Material: 100% Pure Carbon Fiber
  • Instrument: 5 Strings Resonator Banjo
  • Package Dimensions: 111cm x 49cm x 21cm (44" x 20" x 9")
  • Shipping Weight: 4.7kg (10.4lb)
  • Accessories:
  • Keys x 1
  • Deluxe backpack straps x 2
  • 0.4" thick removable padding strip x 2
  • 0.4" thick removable square padding x 1
  • Padded case cover x 1
Banjo Cases

DEAL – Carbon Fiber Banjo Case 5 Strings Resonator, Deep and Fat Universal Style



Carbon Fiber Banjo Case 5 Strings Resonator

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    A Closer Look at the DEAL – Carbon Fiber Banjo Case 5 Strings Resonator, Deep and Fat Universal Style

    Light like air, strong like steel - the Crossrock Air Carbon series.

    DEAL – Carbon Fiber Banjo Case 5 Strings Resonator, Deep and Fat Universal Style

    • The Super Light Carbon Banjo Case

      6.5lb lightweight carbon case for banjo with a resonator. Designed for the deep and large banjo especially. For Gibson banjos, extra removable paddings are necessary.

    • 100% Pure Carbon Fiber

      The case was made of 100% pure carbon fiber and coated with matt painting. Impact tests include hammer smash, jumping, and dropping from stairs.

    • Dupont Nylon TSA Lock

      The TSA lock is made of Dupont Nylon which has a high tolerance for extreme weather and conditions.

    • Thick Padded Case Cover

      The Air Carbon series cases all come with a thick padded case cover to protect the case from scratches. And the outside pocket on the cover can offer more storage for the extra accessories.

    DEAL – Carbon Fiber Banjo Case 5 Strings Resonator, Deep and Fat Universal Style

    Air Carbon Series Carbon Fiber Banjo Case 1. Fat and deep design, the universal big case fits almost all 5-string resonator banjos on the market, especially for the big body banjo like Deering Goodtime Acoustic/Electric 5 strings with a resonator. 2. For the other banjos which have a similar size to Gibson banjos, especially the Mastertone style, the extra paddings (included in the case) are necessary.
    • Inside Dimensions
    • Overall length: 100 cm (39.375 in)
    • Body diameter: 36.5 cm (14.375 in)
    • Body depth (at rim): 13 cm (5.12 in)
    • Max depth (at bridge): 15.5 cm (6.1 in)
    • The carbon banjo case is designed for the purpose of a universal case for almost all 5 strings banjos with a resonator, especially for the deep and large body style. It can be customized to fit a Mastertone banjo with the removable padding strips which are included inside the case.
    • 100% pure carbon fiber material.
    • Silk-like velvet lining and thick foam padding.
    • Suspension inside design.
    • Heavy-duty hardware and TSA lock.
    • 3 thick removable padding offers various fittings for different sizes of resonator banjos.
    • Durable backpack straps and thick padded case cover.

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